The All In One Breakfast Maker

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” “Eat like a king at breakfast. Like a prince during lunch. And a pauper at dinner.” You’ve heard these wise words before. For good reason, there is an importance in that very first meal of the day. With a busy schedule such as yours, why not try having a breakfast maker? It will save you time and energy while allowing you to have the same important meal for the morning!

The All In One Breakfast Maker

Breakfast Maker: The Importance Of Breakfast

You need to feed your body after hours of essentially being shut down. When you sleep, your bodily functions go to Snoozeville. Each of your internal organs and systems needs to recuperate in order to be fully functional again the next day, much like sleep recharges you for the morning after. When this happens, your body will naturally have no food intake during your slumber. So your blood sugar levels actually go down during this time of the day.

Upon waking up, what your body will be needing is a way to get that glucose level up and a way to energize your internal systems immediately. Food is the answer to that. Clear and simple. Additionally, proper healthy food. in this sense. Thus food IS the battery that gets your physical body locked and loaded, and ready to rumble!

Your brain needs breakfast to get active. Since even your brain rests when in the state of sleep, it needs a booster, if you will, to get it going again come morning. Breakfast, or rather, the process that involves digesting and absorbing nutrients from your breakfast meal sends signals to your nervous systems and wakes neurons.

When this happens, your mind is able to act on those signals and reactors by being in an active state again.

The All In One Breakfast Maker

For a healthy heart. You may not realize it but whenever you skip breakfast, your body will send emergency signals to your brain, which causes it to make your digestive system give you hunger pangs. Kind of like a reminder that you need to eat.

When those hunger pangs are skipped, along with a meal, you will unknowingly stuff yourself silly come the next one, thinking you need to compensate for the missed meal. However, that’s not how the body works.

The Reminder?

A meal missed is a meal missed. Your next one is solely for itself. When you think you can compensate for breakfast, you’ll actually only end up overeating. Overeating forces your bodily systems to work harder, and your heart to pump blood faster than normal. And this can increase the risk of heart problems.

By following a regular eating regimen that carries balanced nutrients, you will lessen or curb your desire to overeat. At the same time, those hunger pangs won’t haunt you anymore when your body is regularly fed throughout the day (in proper doses, of course.)

Breakfast Tips

The All In One Breakfast Maker

Protein. It’s important to have protein for the first meal of the day. Not only because it strengthens your muscles, bones, and even your skin. But protein can help curb your appetite and helps you avoid overeating. Plus, it’s can help increase metabolism for faster weight loss.

Whole-grains will do the trick of lessening those hunger pangs as well.

Furthermore, you’ll want to add more fiber to your first-day meal. Vegetables and fruits high in fiber aren’t just good sources of vitamins and other minerals. Fiber helps boost proper digestion so that fat and carbohydrates are properly absorbed by your body, without leaving an unhealthy does of any excess fat behind.

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