Plants With Personality And Types

Plants With Personality And Types

The garden is your go-to place for relaxation and leisure. The charm of a garden does not depend upon planting more and more plants. Rather, it is all about getting the right kind plants to make the garden space more and more appealing. For this, you must be thoughtful while choosing the plants and gather some information about the same before getting them planted. Expert gardeners recommend going for plants with personality.

Plants With Personality And Types
Plants With Personality And Types

Relaxed Plants

Relaxed plants refer to those plants that have a loose and graceful appearance. Some of them bloom flowers, some do not, but all of them spread greenery with their well-detailed leaves. Such plants are not fussy or make the tub look crowded. Instead, they have simple and smooth leaves that relax the mind and fill the soul. Some of them have a captivating fragrance that uplifts the mood instantly. You may also put relaxed plants in your bedroom or study.

Some relax plants include Brunneras, Japanese forest grass, Calla lilies, Siberian cypress, Pigsqueaks, etc.

Charismatic Plants

Charismatic plants have a very intriguing personality. They bloom upwards flexibly and elegantly. You can see them dancing with the fluttering of the wind. They are light and happy to watch. They are indeed plants with a personality that enhances the beauty and feel of your garden space. Bananas, Miscanthus, Cannas, Pineapple lilies, Tapiocas, Cardoon, Dahlias are some such charismatic plants.

Reliable Plants

You do not always need a lot of colors and varieties in your garden. Instead, a calm and green aura is mostly preferred to refresh the mind. Reliable plants work a great deal here. They are deeply rooted with dense leaves that keep on blooming greenery during all the seasons of the year. They do not demand much care and time as well, except for the initial years of their growth. Reliable plants are suitable for areas that face a lot of traffic. You can also plant them near your main door or the path that leads to it. Since they are tall and full of leaves, you may form them into beautiful structures through cutting and trimming.

Some reliable plants are- Boxwoods, Japanese Pieris, Heathers, Spruces, Himalayan blueberry, Junipers, etc.

Edgy Plants

Edgy plants are truly personality plants as they bloom in a very arresting manner. These plants have mixed personalities with different features. They have leaves with pointy tips that are well defined on the edges. Some of them have thorns as well. Overall they are unusual in form and color and keep on attracting a lot of attention. You can place a pot of the edgy plant anywhere, outdoors or indoors and feel the excitement and magic it brings in.

Types of edgy plants are Agaves, Globe thistles, Cacti, Sea hollies, etc.

Plants With Personality And Types
Plants With Personality And Types

Sociable Plants

The sociable plants are another mood swinger in your garden like the edgy ones. Such personality plants have a flexible growth that cavorts with the ground to display immense beauty in your garden. Sociable plants include Asters, Lady’s mantle, Yarrows, Bigleaf hydrangeas, Maidenhair fern, and so on.

Why Plants With Personality?

Personality plants enhance the appeal of your garden. They relax your mind, lift your spirits, and spread happiness everywhere.

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