Organic Foods

The ever trending organic foods that often burns a hole in our pocket are they healthier at all? Or the main catch is somewhere else? Let us find out in this article. But first, we need to know what organic food is? The term organic means there is no usage of any pesticide or chemicals during cultivation. It grows and thrives naturally without any harmful chemicals. Other than plant-based food, there are some organic animal products as well. But here the only condition is the animals should consume single natural feed, no usage of hormones is allowable at all.  It is the ideal definition and standard of organic foods. But, despite popular myth, several organic farms use naturally-derived pesticides in their farming process. And even some of the natural pesticides are harmful to health, so your so-called organic food is not so healthy as you thought. However, it contains a very lower percentage of chemicals as compared to the other crops, so it is helpful in a certain way.

organic foods
organic foods

Some Health Benefits Of Organic Foods

Health and fitness conscious people always go for organic foods. Here are some benefits to it.

It does not contain any harmful synthetic pesticide, fungicide, or insecticide that can affect our body. Organic food does not contain any preservatives, so it stays longer and fresher. Some local firm produces and sales it in nearby markets as it does not stay fresh for may days. Fresh, natural vegetables impact our system positively in many ways.

It also brings a positive change in our thought process. Organic farming produces less pollution, which is good for our environment too. It also practices water reservations, less soil erosion, maintains soil fertility, etc. Less chemical usage is beneficial for the soil ecosystem as well.

Organic animal products are also high in nutrients, antibiotics, and growth hormones less and GMO(genetically modified organisms) free. All these qualities make them superior to conventional products.

organic foods
organic foods

Some Other Facts

You can always prefer local foods to organic foods. Locally grown foods are beneficial also. Even recently, many dieticians are advising to go for locally grown food rather than so-called organic food. If you buy locally grown food, that will eventually help your local economy as the money stays inside of it. The transportation cost also reduces when you choose locally grown food. Local food does not contain any preservatives and stays fresh for an extended time. Small local farmers often use organic farming, but their financial condition does not always support them enough to register for a certified organic farmer. So, it is an excellent decision to pay a visit to your local market to talk to them. If you can spare some time, farm-fresh foods can reach your plate directly and quickly.

So, don’t go for trend, always look for some information about your organic foods before consuming them.

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