Non-Stick Frying Pan And Olive Oil: The Perfect Pair -

Non-Stick Frying Pan And Olive Oil: The Perfect Pair

Oil, oil, oil. The ingredient we seemingly can’t have food without. Although oils do make our food edible by cooking them, you and I can no longer ignore the fact that using unhealthy oil is harmful to your body. And it will have negative lasting effects in the long run. With a non-stick frying pan and the healthiest kind of oil, you can cook without fearing the risk of preparing something unhealthy!.

Non-stick Frying Pan And Olive Oil: The Perfect Pair

Why Oily Food Is Bad For You

They contain high amounts of Trans Fat and calories. For a bit of a scientific discussion, we’ll delve into what Trans Fat and Unsaturated Fat are. These are the kind most often than not found in food cooked in oil, and in most types of junk food. They are responsible for food preservation. At the same time, they add flavor.

However, Trans Fat is responsible for clogging your arteries, thus blocking proper blood flow to your heart. Because of this, it will act a cause of heart problems in the future. It also is a catalyst for high blood pressure.

Secondly, they are agents of weight gain. Eating meals that are full of oil will ultimately lead to this. And when eating them regularly, the higher the risk for obesity. This is due to the fact that Trans and Unsaturated Fat are difficult to digest. So its excesses turn into the kind of fat that makes you double-take on the weighing scale (in a negative way).

Non-stick Frying Pan And Olive Oil: The Perfect Pair

Also, unhealthy oils are bad for digestion. These fats take a slower time to digest. Which ultimately means that your digestive system works twice or even thrice as hard to process it. And overworking your organs is never really a good thing. There’s a proper speed and method your bodily functions need to do and when overworked, you’ll wear them out sooner than you think.

Another harmful effect: Diabetes. Apparently, unhealthy fat unbalances your Insulin levels. Your chances of getting Type 2 diabetes will be more than those who have lesser intake of bad fat.

Moreover, unhealthy skin is among its results. This is an external side effect of too much oil intake. Though they’re not always directly related, it DOES play a role in making your skin look and be unhealthy. On that note, Acne is partially caused by the consumption of too much oily food.

Choosing The Right Kind Of Healthy Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil. According to studies, EVOO actually helps reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. This type of oil can assist in boosting metabolism as well as increase insulin in your body, thus allowing EVOO to be good for balancing blood sugar levels.

Furthermore, it’s a good source of antioxidants. You might be thinking, oil? Antioxidants? You got it. It’s because EVOO is made mainly with olives. No other artificial substances. Even the process of extracting it is done through natural means as well.

Also, EVOO may reduce the risk of heart problems as it has the capacity to aid in lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol levels with its Omega-3 and Omega-6 percentage per serving.

EVOO is definitely a good substitute for unhealthy cooking oil. This, along with our top non-stick frying pans You can also choose to have non-stick frying pans will work together to ensure that your meals are healthy and balanced.

Try them now! Feel and see the results first-hand!

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