Hanging Fruit Basket 3 Tire Rack

Hanging Fruit Basket 3 Tire Rack

One of the stylish ways to keep your fresh fruits and veggies is using a hanging fruit basket. Keeping baskets on the kitchen counter occupies the counter space. As the counter space is significant; therefore, hanging baskets is a convenient way to store the fruits inside the kitchen itself. As the rack is hanging, it saves a lot of floor space in the kitchen. Hence, one can utilize the floor space in keeping other necessary things in the kitchen. Hanging fruit basket has three baskets attached to it. This gives plenty of space to keep the fruits and veggies too. Moreover, it will help to keep the fruits fresh for a more extended period.

Hanging Fruit Basket 3 Tire Rack

The hanging fruit basket is sturdy and durable. As it is made using metal, it has a functional bearing capacity too. Installation, too, is quite easy. The hook system makes the hanging basket fixed in one place. Chances of the bucket falling are meager. It has an excellent storage capacity moreover as the baskets are big. For all the fresh items like fruits, veggies, bread, and even eggs can be easily stored in the hanging basket. If it is, then the fruits can fall and get damaged. Moreover, see to it that the basket is not overhead to avoid getting hurt.

Multi-functional Designing

The designing of the basket is very stylish. It adds style to the kitchen. One can use it in any way one likes it. Moreover, if you do not want the chain, remove it. Place the baskets individually on the kitchen counter.
Furthermore, if you do not want to hang the basket in the kitchen, decorate it on the dining table. For all those who like a hanging basket can hang it in the kitchen. It makes it very convenient to use and to reach.

Different Ways Of Using A Hanging Basket

The hanging basket is not only for fruits and veggies but can be used for keeping different things too. One can easily use a hanging basket to keep things that one often uses in the kitchen like napkins, kitchen towels, soaps, and kitchen brushes also. Many use it to keep small flower pots to add color to the kitchen. It depends on the women to make their kitchen more inviting and appealing. Therefore, make use of everything in the kitchen, even the hanging baskets. More than one hanging basket can also be used in the kitchen. Especially if one has a small kitchen space for them, hanging two baskets can be of great use.


The hanging basket is perfect for storing fresh products in the kitchen itself. It also helps to give more space in the kitchen. Metal makes it quite durable and robust. The chain attached to the basket gives it a wall hanging look. The height of the basket is around 100 cm. Each basket size is 28* 28*10cm. The full package comes with three buckets of equal size, three pieces of chain, and one hook to fix the basket.

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