Fruit Juicer: Drink Healthy, Be Healthy -

Fruit Juicer: Drink Healthy, Be Healthy

Never drink your sugar. That’s been a saying for decades about eating healthily. Not just a saying, in fact. But a piece of advice from doctors and nutritionists. So what to do when you thirst for your favorite sugared drinks like cola and artificial juices? Go for a fruit juicer and juice fruits instead!

Fruit Juicer: Drink Healthy, Be Healthy

Fruit Juicer: Benefits Of Citrus Fruits

High in fiber. Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits and the like are rich in fiber. Fiber, as you well know, is excellent for digestion. Not only will it help your system digest food well, but it will also keep your digestive system healthy, too.

Moreover, fiber is a good regulator of glucose. This means it is able to balance the sugar level in your blood. It also effectively lowers cholesterol. Also, it aids in balancing your appetite as well. This means fewer hunger pangs that let you gorge on the food you’re not supposed to.

Heart health. These specific types of fruit are a great source of Vitamin C and flavonoids. Vitamin C good for the skin, as it has elements that rejuvenate cells, which translates to healthier-looking skin. These very same agents reduce the appearance of inflammation and redness. So, that’s fewer pimples and dark spots to deal with. Furthermore, Vitamin C has anti-aging properties for younger, fuller-looking skin.

Fruit Juicer: Drink Healthy, Be Healthy

But that’s not all. Vitamin C, along with flavonoids, are good for the heart. These assist in reducing the risk of heart disease.

Contains potassium. Bananas aren’t the only fruit that contain this nutrient. Citrus fruits have this as well. And potassium is an agent in lowering the amount of sodium in your body. With low sodium comes a lower risk of heart problems. Also, low sodium means good fluid regulation. Your body won’t have to compensate for the liquid it could lack with potassium.

More Health Benefits

In relation to the benefit above, they hydrate you. Natural foods that are naturally hydrating keep you less thirsty. No urges for artificially sweetened drinks. And artificially produced food as well. To add, hydrating nutrients allow your bodily systems to function well.

Less trips to the doctor for illnesses caused by having a low immune system.

Fruit Juicer: Drink Healthy, Be Healthy

That said, doctors prescribe citrus fruits to combat against colds and flu. On one hand, they are not exactly the cure for the said diseases. On the other hand, they lessen the severity of it. They’re also able to prevent it, thus being that your immune system is strengthened. So the likelihood of contracting such diseases will be less.

Friendly to other nutrients. You should know that Citrus fruits are great in absorbing other nutrients. When you eat healthy food, citrus fruits help you get the most out of what you eat. Where it’s food that’s high in iron, protein, calcium, you name it. These can be properly, and more quickly taken in your system with the help of citrus items.

You see, these fruits are like catalysts to catechins. A little word-play there. Catechins are responsible for the very process we’ve just described. Nutrient-absorption to the max.

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