Coffee Grinders For A Great Cup Of Coffee

Often thought of merely as a drink to perk up your day, coffee has made a name for itself since the day it was discovered. However, it isn’t only an energizing drink you need in order to finish a long day’s workload. It has benefits you may not have even heard of until now! So have yourself coffee grinders and brew organic coffee at the comfort of your own home!

Coffee Grinders For A Great Cup Of Coffee

Coffee Grinders: How Coffee Became “Coffee”

Its original home believed to be Ethiopia as studies reveal, coffee has come a long way. This magical bean (as we’re proud to name it) used to be eaten! Not drank! Its beans were chewed on despite their bitter aftertaste primarily because they give you that feeling of “being alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic” (as that nursery rhyme goes).

On the other hand, some stories tell of how a Yemeni found out that these beans were a source of energy. The man noticed this when his cattle consumed them and were suddenly up and at ’em!

After decades and later on centuries, the Bean traveled to Europe and other parts of the world. It was studied and further developed until it became a known fact that brewing said bean brings out its rich flavor while diminishing its bitter taste enough to make it drinkable.

Thus it caught on like a tidal wave. From being a beverage drunk only during social gatherings during the 1900s to becoming a staple in your everyday meal habit. Coffee is now a household name everybody loves!

And to make things even more interesting, flavors were added to it. Different ways of brewing were created. Cafes were put up. It reached the masses as it entered the commercial market. And now, it is a trend that doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing down.

The Benefits Of Coffee

Coffee Grinders For A Great Cup Of Coffee

The number one benefit on this list: it keeps you feeling revitalized! Coffee contains caffeine, and caffeine is a stimulant that is able to boost nervous system functions. How? Through sending neurons to the brain faster than average.

Similarly, this is what gives you that “kick” when you drink a cup of coffee. And the higher the dosage, the greater its effect. So that sudden burst of energy you feel after a few sips aren’t just in your mind. It’s your body’s reaction to this natural stimulant!

Tip: According to researches, 2 cups a day is enough to do the trick. To add, if you really want to get yourself to wake up through coffee, don’t drink a cup of it all at once. Do a few gulps at a time. That way, its effect will last longer!

In relation to the first benefit, this sweet yet bitter beverage is able to heighten brain function. Therefore, it allows you to have an increase in memory capacity. Have the appropriate amount of caffeine and you’ll be using your brain in a higher capacity! That’s clearer and faster thinking for you!

More Benefits!

Better mental and physical performance. Your favorite energizing drink can increase the levels of epinephrine in your body. Remember that fight-or-flight response that makes you Superman when the exact moment calls for it? Caffeine can stimulate it to give you the infamous “adrenaline rush.” With it, not only will your body work better, so will your mind.

Coffee Grinders For A Great Cup Of Coffee

Harder, better, faster and stronger. Exactly like the Daft Punk song. Which is why our beloved coffee is a preferred drink to have when you’re feeling low in energy and in sleep. Need to be up the entire night for some work? Here’s the not-so-magical-yet-magical solution!

Lastly, it fights against cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is a cause of liver damage and caffeine contains nutrients and agents that battle against it. Liver protection at an affordable cost!

So don’t underestimate that brew. You know it’s best for you!

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