Freeze Avocado

Who has not heard of avocado, right? They are healthy fruits rich in several nutrients. They are extremely popular and great. However, they are seasonal fruits. It might be hard to store them. Especially, ripe Avocados may spoil easily. It is common to try to store them in the freezer. But there are concerns regarding losing color, taste or texture.

Can You Freeze Avocado, And Should You Do The Same?
Can You Freeze Avocado, And Should You Do The Same?

Let Us First Look At What Happens When We Freeze Avocado-


Avocados contain healthy fats and fiber, copper, potassium, niacin, folate and many water-soluble vitamins. The fiber, calorie and mineral content remain the same. However, water-soluble Vitamins (B6) might be lost. But that kind of loss happens anyway over time. So it isn’t a big concern.

Texture –

Freezing changes the texture of Avocados. The water in the fruit expands. Hence they lose their creamy, smooth texture. After thawing, the fruit becomes mushy, slimy and watery.


For storage, Avocados are often cut or puréed. This causes them to brown due to exposure to oxygen. Browning of Avocados happens both during freezing and thawing over time. It does not affect the taste.

Brushing vinegar or lemon juice stops Avocados from browning. Commercial preservatives include citric and ascorbic acid. It is also important to seal the fruit completely while storage. Otherwise, there can be freezer burn or drying.

Taste –

Freezing does not alter the taste of Avocados. However, preservatives like vinegar and lemon juice might. Commercially preserved Avocados have other additives that might alter the taste too.

Can You Freeze Avocado, And Should You Do The Same?
Can You Freeze Avocado, And Should You Do The Same?

Freezing And Thawing Avocados Properly-

Cut and Freeze-

Cut the avocado into half and take out the pit. Peel the fruit and brush some lemon juice or vinegar on it. You can dice it into even smaller chunks. Seal it in a resealable bag or vacuum sealer. See that as minimum air contact as possible happens. Label, date and store it at -18 degree Celsius (0F).

Purée and Freeze-

Cut, pit and peel the Avocado and puree it. You can do it by hand or food processor. Store it like this or as homemade guacamole. But do not add other vegetables like onions and tomatoes. Put it in a container, ice tray or resealable bags. Make sure to press and remove all the air while storing it in a sealed bag. Label, date and store it at -18 degrees Celsius (0F).

Thawing Frozen Avocado-

Remove the Avocado from the freezer. Place it in the refrigerator to thaw. You can also thaw at room temperature, for one hour.

So, to summarise, freezing Avocados are a great way to preserve them and have them last the whole year. It does not really affect the nutrient value of it. But it may make the texture, and sometimes the taste different. It might not taste as great to have them directly. So, the best way to use frozen and thawed Avocados is to make them into guacamole, dips, and smoothies.

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