7 Ingredients For 20+ DIY Natural Beauty Recipes

Commercialized beauty products contain a large number of harmful chemicals in them. If not tested properly, they may cause severe damage. Fortunately, you always have the option to go for natural beauty recipes that can be easily prepared at home as long as you have the right ingredients for them. Through these components, you can retain your much desired natural beauty.  

7 Ingredients – 20+ DIY Natural Beauty Recipes
7 Ingredients – 20+ DIY Natural Beauty Recipes

Natural Ingredients For DIY Natural Beauty Recipes 

Coconut Oil 

Make sure that the coconut oil you are using is organic and unrefined. You may also go for cheaper ones but they are not really preferable. Coconut oil is an effective element in most of the recipes, be it for your hair, skin or even nails. 

Shea Butter

Butter happens to be the most popular natural beauty ingredient next to coconut oil. Applying shea butter on your skin nourishes and moisturizes it. Because of its antibacterial properties, it can also be used in recipes for curing problems like stretch marks, wounds, and even aging. Shea butter, when mixed with lotions, acts as a sunscreen as well.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is a wonderful ingredient for various natural beauty recipes. You can mix it with citrus or mint and be used as lotion and face cream. It is also used as an alternative natural beauty ingredient if shea butter is not available.


If you are looking for a natural thickening agent, beeswax is the answer. This natural beauty ingredient has a gentle smell of honey. You can add a little amount of beeswax to your lotions, foot cream, lip balm and also baby products and see the difference.

Liquid Carrier Oil

A natural beauty ingredient, liquid carrier oil is used in several natural beauty recipes as a lightening element. Examples such as almond oil, olive oil, and apricot kernel oil are used in natural beauty recipes. Amongst all of them, olive oil has the strongest smell but you can reduce the scent by adding essential oils as well. On the other hand, while almond oil is unscented, the apricot kernel variation has a very subtle fragrance.

Arrowroot Powder

The arrowroot powder is not only used as a part of different recipes but also as a thickening agent for sauces while cooking. You can use it for your everyday routines by mixing some parts with dry shampoo, diaper cream, baby powder, deodorant, etc.

Essential Oils 

Oil is a mood lifter in recipes as it enhances the fragrance in them. Essential oils like lavender, mint, lemon, orange, etc. play a significant role in enriching your natural beauty when used in appropriate quantity, and with the right products.

7 Ingredients – 20+ DIY Natural Beauty Recipes
7 Ingredients – 20+ DIY Natural Beauty Recipes

Other Effective Ingredients 

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are some other helpful ingredients, too that can be added to your recipes. For instance, sugar and baking soda make a great scrub in natural beauty recipes. Coconut milk also has several benefits such as its used as a key ingredient in homemade shampoo. You may use dry herbs like calendula and chamomile for skin recipes as well.

To maintain healthy skin, it is wise and advisable to go for recipes that can be easily prepared at home, made with the right kinds of ingredients. 

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